What’s in the paper today?

San Francisco will lose more options for finding out about what is going on in the city and in the world when the SF Chronicle cuts back on its staff, including reporters and managers. Newspaper readership has been declining steadily over the past few years and newspapers are losing money, although it’s hard to believe that a paper as heavy as the Sunday Chronicle with its dozens of colorful ad inserts can actually be losing money. It makes you wonder whether the prices they charge advertisers are realistic. However, the company says it can no longer afford to keep as many reporters on the job as it has in the past. This will be a great loss to residents of San Francisco who want to know how their government is working and what is going on in the city, the state, and the world. Even the thriving online sources of news that so many people choose now are often dependent on news from print reporters and commentators. If readers prefer to get their news online, the newspapers ought to figure out a way to sell it to them. They could save thousands of trees and keep the reporters busy with their invaluable job of telling the rest of us what is happening.

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