What are our Congresstional representatives thinking?

So in today’s auto-emails that track the (lack of) progress on the pending Extender legislation in Congress we read that the latest bright idea to bring down the cost of the legislation is to remove unemployment benefits and federal Medicaid funding for the states.  Oh lovely.  Also in today’s mail, we see that the same Congressional representatives are seriously discussing cutting taxes for businesses, by allowing them to accelerating depreciation.  I suppose one might argue that accelerating depreciation that would otherwise be allowed over a longer term really isn’t a tax cut.  But it is.  It is a tax cut in the present moment.  When all governments (including the Feds) desperately need money.  For things like unemployment benefits for the millions upon millions of people who would like to work but cannot find a job.  For Medicaid programs for the increasing masses who have lost their jobs, their health insurance, their savings, and any way to provide for themselves. 

It is all so exhausting, our escalating and dangerous foolishness.  At the same time, the wars in Iraq (yes, we are still at war there) and Afghanistan are funded without hesitation.  Not even debate.  This is not an exaggeration.  Yet those people, the representatives we sent to Washington, dither about how to make life more miserable for we the people at home. 

Let’s do what we can, without hesitation.  Be kinder to one another, and generous if you can to appeals from community food banks and other non-profits.  Think local on a humane scale.  Our representatives are not.

If you need to feel cranky to become altruistic, check out the National Priorities Project site.  Learn the dollar-for-dollar trade-off between spending for this v. spending for that.  LLII.

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