We all need to worry

Our democracy only works if we have a trustworthy voting system in every state. The N.Y. Times today performed a service to all of us by calling attention to a problem this year with voter registrations. Several states are removing more voters from their voting lists than ever before–more are being removed than are being added through all of the active voter registration drives. The Times has checked and found that more voters have been removed in several states than the number of people who have died or moved out of state during the year. Apparently a major problem is that states are using Social Security lists to verify voter applications, although they are forbidden to use such lists. The Social Security Agency itself knows that its lists are faulty and should not be used for verification. Fortunately for those of us who live in California, this has not been in problem in our state. Nonetheless, the country’s system is only as healthy as the systems in all of the states. The League is joining with other voting rights groups in calling for an investigation of this problem and a correction to the mistakes before November 4th rolls around.

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