Visions that have disappeared

Sometimes we hear of an event that encapsulates an entire world event like global warming. Today’s article in the LA Times about the disappearance of the ice cap on Mt. Kenya is one of these stories. The glorious vision of the glacier that has sustained local people for centuries as a religious experience is melting quickly. Almost none of the icy glory that was sometimes called “God’s house” still remains. Those of us who live outside of Africa probably don’t know about Mt. Kenya and are not aware of this change, but hundreds of people who live within sight of the mountain have seen a glimpse of what the world will be like for all of us as familiar landscapes disappear–ice melting, waters rising, forests becoming deserts. It’s a frightening view of the future and one too easy to forget for those of us who live in comfortable cities and suburbs in temperate climates. It’s good to have attention paid to the frightening changes that are coming to our planet.

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