Thinking about running? You are not alone.

The National Women’s Political Caucus has a goal of having 50/50 political participation gender parity by 2020. This means 50/50 at all levels of government. That’s a goal whose achievement will have more impact than, dare I say it, seeing how much money we can burn in space. (What is that all about? I mean. Come on.)

Every day is a good day to think about running for something. There are resources to help. Here are just a few, located by googling/binging “women running for office.” I’m not formally vouching for any or all of these organizations, mind you. But let’s be realistic. You will need all sorts of support, including some from endorsing established organizations. Keep in mind that the League will not be one of them. In fact, the League will never endorse anyone since, to reinforce one of our most treasured and zealously guarded characteristics, the League is entirely neutral regarding candidates (our positions address issues). Still, I spent enough time on these sites to get the sense each could fan that spark of an idea you may have. Every good wish. LLII.

What does it take to run? Check She Should Run for practical, downloadable guides, provided by the Women’s Campaign Forum (all party affiliations welcome).

California Women Lead has things going on in support of women in political office, also non-partisan.

The National Women’s Political Caucus is quite active in supporting the objective of women “achieve[ing] a political power base,” and has a California caucus based in Walnut Creek.

If you are already a bit down the road toward running for California State government, you probably know about California List, which bills itself as very like the well-known EMILY’s List.

And, just to demonstrate we truly are non-partisan here at the SF League Chapter, our Republican friends with an interest in office probably already have bookmarked the National Federation of Republican Women. Theirs is a very robust site promoting a good many issues we can all get behind – including supporting more women in political office. There is a California federation, too.

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