Things to watch for

President Obama’s new stimulus plan is so large and has so many provisions that no one knows how well it will work or what its consequences may be. One of the last-minute changes being made in the bill–stripping out funding to Medicare for family planning will almost certainly make life more difficult for many low-income families. Rep. Henry Waxman of California suggested including that funding in the bill, but others in Congress disparaged it and the President agreed to drop it. This is an unfortunate change in a bill intended to make life better for most Americans. Parents are struggling to raise their children in difficult times and to give them a good education as a start in life. It takes a lot of time, love and also money to get a child started and families function better when they plan to have children at the time they are ready to raise them. It is easy to focus on the troubles of banks and large corporations but let’s not forget the families that are the basis of our communities. We need to make life better for them and that includes ensuring that children are born into a welcoming, prepared family.

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