The Time Is Right For Fair Elections In California

First, the good news: a reminder that we voters will be able to say YES! to the California Fair Elections Act next June 2010. We will be able to head down the path to elections money can’t buy and to representatives beholden only to we voters.

Now the shameful news: Only 13% of polled Californians said they approve of our legislature in Sacramento. It is the lowest rating in the 25 years this polling has occurred*. The Governor has a 65% disapproval rating; only 27% approve of his performance. Terribly sad considering how much work there is to be done. Trust begets patience. By contrast, we are closer to despair.

But not entirely there. It seems 73% of those polled, equally democrats and republicans, are ready to give it another go. Th0se surveyed believe the legislators should return for a special session to address the State’s perilous water situation. We have an endless capacity for optimism. This actually belongs in the good news category.

Let’s look ahead of whatever happens this fall in Sacramento, toward transforming the legislator and the Governor. Let’s have candidates who are driven to be public servants in Sacramento, and everywhere. Take the money out of politics. When you next see someone pacing with a clipboard with California Fair Elections in bold letters on the back, take a moment to pick up materials to learn more about recovering a government for the people by the people. LLII.

*More about the latest Field poll results here.

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