The League of Women Voters has had an enormous response regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) groundbreaking proposal to cut carbon pollution for every new power plant built in America. Over 31,000 League members and supporters have sent their comments to the EPA!


Please take a moment to raise your voice. Join the over 31,000 League members and supporters– submit a public comment to the EPA today!

The EPA’s proposal is a game changer for the climate – especially because power plants are our single largest source of carbon pollution, and the unlimited dumping of carbon pollution is the chief cause of climate change. Reducing the amount of carbon pollution from power plants is a life-saving measure that will protect our children, our nation and the world from the devastating effects of climate change.

You have until Friday, May 9th to tell the EPA that you support this effort to reduce the deadly effects that carbon pollution has on the health of our children and our environment. The EPA needs to hear from you—add your voice in favor of this historic regulation!

Corporate polluters are doing everything they can to block this important health protection. Will you join others around the country in saying you believe we must put people before polluters and protect our children and future generations from climate change?

Submit a public comment to the EPA in support of this life saving proposal!

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