Story Bank: Why I Joined the League

nicole_williamsNicole Williams, a new LWVSF member, lets us in on her motivations for joining the League. Thank you for sharing your story, Nicole; we’re lucky to have you!

“There are many issues I want to spend my life addressing–violence against women, pay equity, public education, equal access, welfare and poverty, mass incarceration, structural racism and sexism, military reform, homophobia and heterosexism, freedom of information, the role of the media, and the list goes on.

Caring about so many intersecting social issues means that It is not uncommon for me to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problems we face in this country and the many paths there are to tackling them. Two years out of graduate school, I was feeling particularly disconnected from the social justice work I had embraced during my 6 years of higher education in journalism, social work and women’s studies. Then, I received an email about volunteering for the League of Women Voters. It hit me.

The one thing that has and will always connect the complex and evolving set of issues I care about is the political process. I have voted in every election since I turned 18, not only out of respect for our foremothers who risked their lives and livelihood for our right to be full citizens, but because I believe deeply in my ability and that of others to affect change through voting.

One of my favorite authors, Audre Lorde, wrote: “Your silence will not protect you.” Democracy depends on our voices. When wading through the multitude of information and misinformation put out during local, state and national elections, the League has always been a touchstone for me. Its willingness to stand against the pressures of lobbyists and provide visible and vocal leadership through its voting resources, endorsements, campaigns and participation in political forums mirrors my own commitment to never shutting up when something needs to be said nor sitting down when something needs to be done.

I can’t wait to get started as a volunteer and support an organization that has been a guiding light for me and many others.”

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