State League talks about voting

Belva Davis, who hosted the SF League’s forum with candidates for sheriff and district attorney last week, is hosting a Special Edition of her “This Week in Northern California” on Friday, Oct. 19 on KQED, Channel 9. The topic is Voting and Voter Confidence guests include former mayor, Willie Brown, Henry Brady Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at UC Berkeley, Carla Marinucci, Political Reporter with the S.F. Chronicle and the League’s own Susan Clark, Founder of the EasyVoter Guide. The program promises to be a fascinating exploration of why many California voters are disillusioned with politicians who seek to represent them and are suspicious of the voting process itself. If you cannot watch tonight, the program will be repeated on Channel 9 on Sunday at 4 am and 4 pm. It will also be available on FM and digital radio, check the listings.

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