Live Updates from the 2016 National Convention


Check back here for live updates from our delegates at National Convention!


June 19, 2016

We wrapped up today’s session with adopting the new slate and electing Chris Carson of Glendale-Burnank as the new Madame President.

The elephant in the room was over a request for national’s strategic messaging for the Presidential Candidates as well as discussion over whether the League should run Presidential candidate debates. Overwhelming support to keep to the League way where “we neither support not oppose candidates” was echoed through the convention hall.


June 17, 2016

The Convention hall was in an uproar over a tense debate on adopting a national position by concurrence on re-districting. The motion passed by a very small margin and took several calls for extended debate and then a card vote.

Approving the motion by concurrence means that the language of the position cannot be changed and many states were in disagreement over the statement that “this position does not supersede any existing state League redistributing position”, finding that this could be in contrast with a unified national voice.

Also, there were concerns over the precedent set by a concurrence motion recommended by a task force rather than 2-yr study.

CA President Helen Hutchison was on the task force and the short clip attached is her statement in support. #LWV2016

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