Public transit to the rescue

After the accident and explosion on an East Bay highway Sunday morning, Governor Schwarzenegger announced that all transit rides on affected lines would be free on Monday. Californians love their cars, but an accident as devastating as this will snarl travel for weeks or months in the Bay Area. And while cars crawl along the remaining highways, BART, AC transit and the ferries will ply their usual routes carrying far more people per square foot than any car does. The future of transportation in the Bay area should be a concern to all citizens. Can we go on building more and more highways with ever more complicated mazes of interconnections? How do we entice people away from their cars and into less polluting and more economical mass transit? Lawmakers will undoubtedly be coming up with more plans to solve this ever growing problem in the months to come–and the League will be following their every move to help people sort through the pros and cons of each proposal. No one is ever going to make commuting a favorite sport, but we should be able to make it less burdensome than it is now.

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