Join us for LWVSF’s Annual Program Planning for 2015!

Join us for LWVSF’s Annual Program Planning for 2015!
 When: Saturday January 24  
 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
The Advocacy and Membership Committees are  excited to invite members to our Program Planning session!
This annual League event gives members a chance to voice their interests and provide recommendations that drive the League’s work for the next year.
If you’re looking to engage more in the League’s work, or meet and mingle with other members, this is a great opportunity! We will work together as a group over a light breakfast, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and participation.

Space is limited. Please RSVP by Friday January 23 to or (415) 989-8683.


Preview for the meeting:

Greetings members and potential members of LWVSF,

We know you care about voting. Most of you have never missed an election and some of you have just made a commitment to voting. You need to come to the League’s Program Planning meeting on January 24, 2015 @ 9:30 a.m.

The League of Women Voters SF sets its agenda through the Program Planning process. You voted in November because you care about who will be setting our political future; you need to come make your voice heard about what you want San Francisco’s and the state League’s future to be.

We’ll be discussing where LWVSF energy should focus over the next year as well as League policy and positions at the state level.   What are our pressing issues? Does LWVSF have a position to address the issue or do need a new study to develop a position? Should we focus on advocacy or community education? Also, what are the areas of concern to us at the state level?

Speaking of the state, LWVC has asked that we review the current LWVC positions to decide whether to retain, drop or update them. Take a minute to review the positions via this link before our meeting on January 24th.   Give them some thought and jot down any recommendations you may want to make to the state League regarding the positions. Also, include your thoughts on studying or updating a study of an issue as well as community education and/or advocacy on an issue. We’ll be reporting back to the state League in February.

If you want your voice to be heard, then attend the Program Planning meeting. It’s the start of the grassroots process, and the place for each of us to make our opinions heard.

We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing from you on January 24th!



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