Participate in our “Happy Birthday Susan” Fundraiser this February

susanbanthonypersistedIn honor of the birthday of Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer and advocate for Women’s Suffrage and equal and fair voting rights, the League of Women Voters of San Francisco is raising support for the continuation of our work and to honor Susan B. Anthony’s legacy.

The League is one of very few groups working in a non partisan way to engage citizens, reduce participation gaps, and help people claim their voice in democracy. Because all of the League’s projects are ongoing and have been a staple of San Francisco’s community since 1920, thousands of local residents depend on our educational and advocacy programs.

To celebrate Susan B. Anthony’s February 15th birthday and her involvement in passing the 19th Amendment, the campaign will run for 19 days and we hope to raise $10,000 to further our commitment of increasing public understanding of major public policy issue through research and education.

Donate today and note in your donation “Happy Birthday Susan”!

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