New voting machines for S.F.?

The Board of Supervisors moved a step closer to approving a new electronic voting machine for the city last night. The Sequoia voting machine was approved in committee and forwarded to the Board which will vote on it next week. Supervisors themselves are not happy about the Sequoia machines because they do not allow as much transparency as many citizens would like. Despite complaints from activists, the committee decided that the city would be best served by having machines in place for the February 5 presidential primary vote. DOE chief, John Arntz, pointed out that some more efficient way of voting is needed because ballots are still being counted by hand for the November election. Despite all the pressures, it is important that San Franciscans keep an eye on what is being done about voting in the city. The League feels very strongly that election integrity is a major issue that must be defended. In the rush of holiday preparations, we can’t afford to ignore this vital civic decision.

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