Necessary reading

Every day, it seems, there is more disturbing news about global warming, and today’s installment is a blockbuster. Governor Schwarzenegger has released a backup plan for the state based on various assumptions about how high water levels will reach by 2100. Most people agree that we should take steps to control the speed with which climate change is coming, but just in case we don’t work fast enough, we need to consider various scenarios that might occur. The article in today’s S.F. Chronicle includes a slide show of pictures, the most chilling of which is a map of the Bay Area regions that will be underwater of the worst-case scenario happens. No one likes to consider the possibility of losing coastal beaches, homes, and businesses, but every citizen should take a look at what the possibilities are. It makes our small sacrifices to slow climate change seem even more imperative. Think about New Year’s resolutions now!

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