Nancy Pelosi

Everyone, men and women, should reflect for a moment on the person who is Nancy Pelosi. Second in the line of succession to the President, Speaker Pelosi is managing the House of Representatives’ legislative agenda with accomplishment. She is widely credited with finally delivering the healthcare reform act – no small feat considering it looked to be in a state of complete collapse at the start of the year. Make no mistake that President Obama played his part, but it took the Speaker to deliver the votes. The act is far from perfect, but it is better than what we have, and likely will improve over time. Speaker Pelosi has given us a foundation for universal healthcare that will be difficult to erode. For that we should be impressed.

Did you know that Speaker Pelosi first ran for office at the age of 47? Take that for inspiration, all of you over-30s considering a new career. Have you wondered if you must be enmeshed in social media to be influential? Speaker Pelosi reputedly relies on quaint (but effective) hand-written notes. Liberally distributed. Worried that there are a bunch of people out there brainier than you are? In the real world, this is not always a problem if Speaker is any indication. Focus, communication, loyalty, and tenacity count for quite a lot.

For a balanced view of the Speaker published by the Financial Times, click here. Much to think and talk about with your friends.

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