League Positions: Prop A & B

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Election: June 3, 2014

While the League never endorses or opposes candidates, we do take positions on certain ballot measures. All of our decisions are based on extensive studies, that allow us to take positions on certain topics. Explanations are provided below. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate contact us at lwvsf@lwvsf.org.

Proposition A

State and Local Finances: Support measures to ensure revenue both sufficient and flexible enough to meet changing needs for state and local government services. Each fund or tax earmarked for a specific purpose will contain an automatic sunset date and provisions for mandatory government body review and re-authorization.

Recommended Position: Support

This proposition is asking the City to sell up to $400M in bonds to be used for improvements to police and fire infrastructure. These improvements can not be made without the infusion of this additional money.

The League position cited allows for local governments to take measures to ensure the revenue needs of the community are met. Proposition A also meets the League’s position that earmarked funds have a sunset date and that there is mandatory review.

Proposition B

This proposition is asking the public to actively determine through the ballot box whether it wants to exceed the height limits on Port land as outlined in the Waterfront Land Use Plan. All City developments should conform to the principles of the San Francisco General Plan and the Waterfront Land Use Plan and not exceed the existing zoned height limits. Elected officials need to adhere to the Waterfront Land Use Plan’s conditions including height and bulk limits. Direct voting by the public circumvents this proceeds. Elected officials need to be held accountable for variances to the Plan.LWVSF The Port: Support measures that will improve the position of San Francisco as a port city… and the principles of the General Plan, with special emphasis on height and bulk contents that should be enforced.

Recommended Position: Neutral

City Planning: Support a planning process that balances the need for more open space and the need for increased building. Includes aesthetics; view, visual quality, proportion and human scale, balanced development, preservation of desirable and/or historical areas

Housing: Support measures that provide for the needs of low, moderate and middle-income groups. Support measures, which increase the housing, supply in the South of Market area.

Boards and Commissions: Support a system of boards and commissions which will effectively serves the public. This includes holding public hearings, includes citizens in decision-making, and provides for a range of viewpoints.



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