Keeping the city safe

The local news has been grim these past few weeks with the tiger mauling at the zoo and now a growing number of accidents involving Muni. The shocking death of a man on Wednesday night alerted many people to the potential hazards of the Muni system. A user-friendly transit system is important in a city like San Francisco where pedestrians, cars, bicycles and buses struggle with the difficulty of moving around crowded streets. The Muni is a vital service to keep cars from forming into permanent gridlock and filling the air with pollutants, but the Muni requires careful planning and solid support. The League is studying transportation plans for the entire Bay Area, looking at ways in which cars and public transit can function to bring mobility to everyone in the region. On Friday, Feb. 22, the Bay Area League will have a special study day on Transportation, where a number of experts will present ideas about what ought to be done. It’s worth looking into if you want to keep San Francisco a viable urban area.

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