Jolanda Sim

Jolanda SimFrom the Story Bank:

I remember hearing of the League back when I was in high school as the National LWV used to do the Presidential debates. The idea of being neutral and fair has always appealed to me — it was my impression that the League as an organization was neutral on candidates and has valid positions on issues. My first interaction with the San Francisco League was being invited for a couple of years to the Women Who Could Be President event. At that time, it was a luncheon. At the second luncheon, an invitation to all was extended to join and volunteer, and I took them up on it! At first I volunteered to do Pro-Con discussions prior to elections and I assisted with some candidate forums. I didn’t attend any meetings until I became a Board member a few years later.

Membership and participation in the League has enabled me to see various sides of the issues and positions we take. The activities in which I have participated (mostly on the Voter Education side) have been incredibly interesting. My fellow members are a wonderful group! I’m most proud of the reach and respect we have in the community, given the limited resources available.

My role, for the past several election cycles, has been putting together candidate forums for elections of local, state and Federal offices within San Francisco. It’s been a great opportunity to work with candidates, collaborating organizations and the media to produce these forums. I’ve also helped with election monitoring for homeowners associations to raise funds for LWVSF, which has been an interesting enterprise. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee as Secretary for the past two years. Besides the values of the League, I think the opportunities I’ve had to organize the candidate forums and work with our wonderful volunteers and collaborators have honed my organizational skills.

My wish for LWVSF is to see it grow. The more members/volunteers who participate, the more service we can render for the democratic process in San Francisco. I definitely see myself active in the League in five years!

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