Is this the way to handle healthcare?

Isn’t summer supposed to be a relaxing season? This year it seems to be a time for yelling and shouting at some Bay Area community meetings. Members of Congress have returned to their districts to meet constituents and hear what they have to say about issues and some of them are getting an earful. Healthcare seems to be the flash point for many citizens. The SF Chronicle has reported that some Bay Area meetings have been interrupted by Conservative critics determined to fight against the healthcare legislation currently being considered in Congress. The aim seems to be to break up the meetings rather than to offer suggestions about how healthcare should be provided. Surely this should be the time for calmer voices to be heard. The League of Women Voters of San Francisco is one established civic organization that’s been sponsoring a series of meetings on healthcare proposals at which experts can speak and citizens can ask questions. Let’s support a rational, democratic process in healthcare reform, not the ranting of extremists.

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