Important Commission meetings

The California Commision on the Status of Women is a hard-working but quiet group whose mission is to serve the women and girls of California, and be the vehicle through which all their voices can be heard. With the advice and support of elected officials, the commissioners can create a realistic agenda for women and girls, and make great strides forward.

During June and July the Commission is holding public meetings and inviting individuals and organizations to bring their comments and recommendations to the Commission. At the San Francisco meeting on June 19, a wide range of topics were covered:

  • Reproductive rights
  • The treatment of girls in the juvenile justice system
  • Support for incarcerated women and their families
  • Domestic violence
  • Support for rape crisis centers
  • Discrimination against employees with family care responsibilities
  • Support fro breast cancer research
  • Human trafficking
  • Decriminalization of prostitution
  • Support for women entrepreneurs
  • Fighting childhood obesity and inactivity

This is only a sample of the issues brought before the Commission. Other topics will be raised at future hearings in San Diego and Fontana. Information from the hearings will help the Commission set its legislative agenda and its recommendations for administrative action and studies of issues. To follow the Commission’s activities and learn more, go to

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