Hard choices for hard times

Balancing the city’s budget is important, but there aren’t many easy choices left. The news this morning that the city’s recreationg centers will raise fees and that some workers will be laid off is not easy to swallow. San Francisco’s recreational facilities have been a major feature of life in the city and it will be hard to have them cost more and therefore become less accessible to many residents. As for the increasing number of parking meters in Golden Gate Park, it would be hard to find anyone who is happy about that. A park should be a place where people can relax and enjoy the day rather than worrying about whether they’ll get back to the car in time to avoid a ticket. Will the measure drive park users to public transit? That’s doubtful because transit is a difficult and uncomfortable way to get to the park’s many attractions. Maybe there is no good answer for the city’s budget woes. That’s what’s so depressing about a depression.

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