Fran Finney

Fran FinneyFrom the Story Bank:

In 1982, I moved to San Francisco and wanted to learn all I could about the city that was now my home. Though I wasn’t a League member, I had worked on League-like issues when I lived in Portland, Oregon, and realized that a great way to learn more about this city would be to join the League of Women Voters here. So I did.

A League member picked me up and took me to my first meeting. I enjoyed the women I met. They were smart and cared a lot about making a contribution to the city by informing voters about important issues.

The first project I worked on was a study about noise at SFO. After that I became involved in a study about California finances. I continued to be more and more involved in League projects and had the opportunity to present information about the projects at League meetings. It was a valuable experience.

Occasionally, I got to learn about San Francisco at the highest levels. The League members were invited to attend meetings at the homes of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. And on one occasion I met Barbara Boxer. These opportunities made me feel more closely aligned with the political process of the city. And it meant a lot to me that the League had the prestige to influence and discuss issues with prominent local, state and national level leaders.

Another opportunity I prized was being able to attend Bay Area League meetings which discussed and studied issues affecting the region. That further broadened my knowledge of the city and the Bay Area.

Along the way I have been elected to the San Francisco League board of directors. Currently I am working on the Advocacy committee and helped lead the study of local propositions on which the League took a position in the November, 2008 election. I have also participated in our Speakers’ Bureau which presents and explains the local propositions to groups of interested citizens.

I have gotten so much out of my membership and involvement with the San Francisco League of Women Voters. I’ve certainly learned a lot about the city and I believe it has given me the opportunity to make a difference in the education of voters. And when the League “talks” it’s based on solid background. That’s a value that means a lot to me.

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