California votes first?

Despite the early caucus in Iowa and primary in New Hampshire, many California voters may be among the first voters in the 2008 presidential primary season. More than four million Californians are signed up for absentee ballots and these will be sent out on Jan. 7, 2008, just before the early votes in the East. Presidential candidates are beginning to focus on influencing Californians at the same time they are spending their days making speeches and meeting potential voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. Campaign managers haven’t figured out how best to appeal to two sets of voters, but they are working on it. Of course, even though absentee voters could cast their ballots early, most of them will probably wait until just before the Feb. 5 primary election to actually turn the ballot in. Most absentee votes are either mailed, or dropped off at a polling place during the last few days before an election. Still, it’s a good feeling for Californians to know that this year for the first time they can beat some of the eager Easterners to the polls if they want to.

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