But will it last?

Stories and pictures of the tragedy in Haiti have dominated our news for almost a week now. According to most reports, Americans are responding with an outpouring of relief money, as are people throughout the world. Water, food, and medical care are the critical needs at the moment, but what happens after the immediate problems end. When the dead are buried, water and food supply channels restored, and transportation moving, what kind of lives will Haitians lead? Unless something is done about the level of poverty–the precarious buildings, dangerous roads, and fragile infrastructure–tragedies will occur again. Former Presidents Bush and Clinton are serving to raise money and help organize aid to Haiti. They have made a plea for help for Haiti over the long term. If you haven’t given any money yet, you should act quickly. If you have already contributed to the cause, try to set aside some money so you can continue to offer help during the months and years to come. Let’s not forget the people of Haiti as we have forgotten so many others when the shock of an event wears off.

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