And the winner is…

They don’t get as much attention as the Oscars, but the Webby Awards tell us a lot about what people are seeing and listening to on the Internet. Now that most young people get their news and political information online, it’s important to know what they’re learning. For those of us who have spent most of our lives with print, the websites and podcasts can be eye-openers. Take a look at the winner in political blogs, Truthdig. It’s as loaded with print as a Sunday NY Times and filled with a mix of fact and opinion. Lots of working time at the office must be lost in reading all the comments on this page. The winner of the political websites,, is a little more formal in its approach. Here you can find out the name of your Congressperson, the amount of money raised by each of the presidential candidates, and lots of other details about political fundraising.
Where does the League’s presentation of facts about government fit into the new picture of political information? The next few years are going to be crucial for us to find a place in the Web world and establishing our credentials with the online generation.

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