Advantage to men

On the front page of many newspapers and featured in the TV news are pictures of the recently arrested Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic. If we firmly put out of our minds the terrible story of his deeds and concentrate on the before and after pictures of his disguise, many women can’t help but feel jealous. Those of us raised on Nancy Drew and Kinsey Mulhone are well aware of the fantasy of cleverly disguising ourselves to fool the bad guys and solve crimes. But in this department women have nothing as effective as the ability to grow a beard. Sure we can dye our hair, but there is always the problem of the roots showing and maintaining a good dye job takes constant care. Make-up helps, but has to be constantly renewed. ¬†And we can put on or take off large eyeglasses, but they seldom do the trick. A big bushy beard, a Hercule Poirot style mustache or even a small goatee would be so much more effective than anything we can come up with. In the end all we can do is sigh and remind ourselves that this handy disguise possibility may not be worth the daily shaving men have to do. Perhaps there is some equality after all.

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