LWVUS Convention Day 2 & 3;

One of the highlights of the Sunday plenary sessions was an address given to the convention by The Honorable John Kitzhaber, Former Governor of Oregon, “The Unfinished Business of the Baby Boom Generation; Health Care for the 21st Century”.  Governor Kitzhaber spoke to the two sides of the Health Care crisis Financing and Delivery. He observed that politicians are focusing the conversation about financing and the national conversation needs to be about how health care is delivered. Governor Kitzhaber soke especially to the Baby Boomer generation and the need for them to solve this problem for future generations or the costs will overwhelm everything in the National economy. His thoughtful, passionate plea to the delegates received a standing ovation  and more than a  few moist eyes. The address was a very thoughtful  prelude to the program later adopted by the delegates for a Health Care Program to educate members and communities in order to be able to do Health Care advocacy as needed during the coming national conversations.
Sunday a panel on CLimate Change moderated by Sarah Diefendorf pressed a call to action for the delegates. Dr. V.Ramanathan, UC San Diego,  spoke to what we know and what we don’t know about the causes global warming; what we can change and effect to slow the damages of climate change and what we can’t alter . His efforts to compress his graduate seminars to limited remarks were successful. Heather Kaplan from OXFAM America also had compelling stories about the great harm that is already being felt disproportionately by poorer developing nations and OXFAM is looking to the League to participate in efforts to educate and advocate for changes and solutions. 
The LWVUS Board Proposed Programs were adopted along with a program for a Multi Level  Education and Advocacy campaign about Global Climate Change and a new study of the National Popular Vote Compact.
There is always so much to absorb at the conventions; all of the caucuses about different proposals that might be considered, Workshops available about all aspects of League work and Program, networking with delegates and hearing about what they are doing in their communities. It is inspiring to participate in a convention and leaves you with a wonderful feeling about the LWV organization and all of the sensational people and the work they do in their communities States.
There were over 600 voting delegates in attendance this year and another 400 participants and observers. 

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