2015 Official LWVSF Ballot Positions

The board of the League of Women Voters San Francisco puts forth recommendations for propositions based on studies and the national League’s guidelines. Those positions are below. If you’re looking for our Pro/Con guide, it’s here: https://www.lwvsf.org/procon/

Proposition A

SF Affordable Housing Bond

Position:  SUPPORT

LWVSF applauds the goals of this Bond measure to increase and preserve affordable housing in the City, however, we would also urge the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors to ensure that new developments in the City reflect these goals.

Proposition B

Paid Parental Leave for City Employees

Position:  NO POSITION

LWVSF is not taking a stand on this measure because League Positions do not cover the issues in Proposition B.

Proposition C

Expenditure Lobbyists

Position:  SUPPORT

LWVSF encourages measures that provide for increased transparency in the funding of our political processes.

Proposition D

Mission Rock Development

Position:  NEUTRAL

While LWVSF has positions that  support this project’s goals of affordable housing on site and provisions to address the future issue of rising SF Bay water, the League also has positions that speak to the Port’s General Plan addressing project heights and bulk .

Proposition E

Requirements for Public Meetings of Local Policy Bodies

Position:  OPPOSE

While this ballot measure aligns with several League positions, particularly the citizens’ right to know and participate, we feel that implementation of this ballot measure, as presently written, will be problematic.   

Proposition F

Short Term Residential Rentals

Position:  NEUTRAL

The LWVSF board carefully considered Prop F and came to the consensus to remain neutral on this measure.

Proposition G

Disclosures Regarding Renewable Energy

Position:  OPPOSE

The authors of this measure have withdrawn support but not in time to take it off the ballot.

Proposition H

Defining Clean, Green, Renewable Energy

Position:  SUPPORT

This measure says San Francisco will use the State’s definition of “eligible renewable energy resources.”  LWVSF supports measures that encourage the use of renewable energy.

Proposition I

Ordinance Enacting Interim Zoning Controls on the Development of Market-rate Housing within the Mission District

Position:  NEUTRAL

The LWVSF board carefully considered Prop I and came to the consensus to remain neutral.

Proposition J

Legacy Business Historic Preservation Funds

Position:  NO POSITION

Proposition K

Surplus Public Lands Ordinance

Position:  SUPPORT

This measure, that expands the allowable uses of surplus City property to include building affordable housing for a range of households from those with very low incomes up to those with incomes up to 120% of the area median income, aligns with the LWVSF position supporting measures that provide for the needs of low, moderate & middle income groups.


You can view the League’s non-biased Pro/Con Guide and the SF Department of Elections for more information about all the propositions.

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