August Tea Recap


Thanks to all those who attended the annual August Tea, and thank you to Nancy Zinn for hosting! We had delicious tea and a lively conversation recapping the Conversation Mapping activity from the 2014 LWVSF Holiday Party. The Conversation Mapping activity had centered around our ideas and visions of the meaning of “LWVSF 2020” – a year which will mark the League’s 100th anniversary. At the tea, we reflected on the feedback from the activity, and actions LWVSF could take to make those ideas become reality.

There were several key themes that arose from the Conversation Mapping activity, and those were presented at the August Tea. The themes were:

  • Combining the traditional and the novel – as the League grows and evolves, we will have to balance our history with changes in membership, political issues and our audience.

  • Collaboration – it is important and beneficial to collaborate among each other and with other organizations.

  • Celebration – we should take time to celebrate all we’ve done in the past 100 years as we look to the future!

These themes sparked a lively conversation at the Tea, and we’d like to share what we discussed. Much of the conversation focused on member involvement. Members voiced interest in hearing more frequently about specific volunteer opportunities. Members said they would be more likely to get involved in League work that had a clear level of commitment and clear expectations. Members also felt that they knew less about what was going on with the League’s work than they did with other organizations they were involved with. We brainstormed ways to share the League’s work outside of board and committee meetings, and one solution was to discuss volunteer openings and committee action briefly at each League membership event. Members also suggested the League share more about our work the membership at large through our website or newsletter. Members encouraged the theme of collaboration, specifically with other Leagues and surrounding the issues of voter training and upcoming elections.

Again, many thanks to all those who attended, and we hope to see you at the Pre-Election Breakfast on October 10th! We look forward to keeping the discussion going and putting our ideas into action as we move toward 2020!

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