June 2014 Newsletter


June 2014

League of Women Voters San Francisco

Annual Meeting: June 14th


Come join us at our annual meeting on June 14th where we will conduct a candid discussion on Privacy in the Digital Age. Please RSVP today by emailing or calling the League office at lwvsf@lwvsf.org or (415) 989-8683. 

We will discuss this year’s Program Planning meeting, approve next year’s budget, vote on bylaw changes, hear presentations from our committee chairs and elect Board Members for open seats. The Board will also hear directions from the membership.

Our distinguished panel speakers include: Marzia Zafar, Director of Policy & Planning Division with the California Public Utilities Commission, Brian Pascal, UC Hastings Privacy and Technology Project, Lee Tien, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Justin Raveche, Director of Analytics and Digital Marketing.

In response to the recent media coverage of NSA surveillance, third-party use of Customer Proprietary Network Information and Google’s targeted marketing campaigns, our members have expressed interest in an open discussion of privacy issues.  We ask that you help us explore the question: Do we have a right to online privacy and if so, what does this mean?

The meeting will take place on the first floor of our office building located at 582 Market Street, San Francisco.

June 3rd Election News:

Today is Election Day!

Don’t forget to vote! 

The Pro/Con Guide is available on our website. The guide provides non-partisan analysis on local propositions for the upcoming election. The statements made in the Pro/Con Guide are not the opinions of the League of Women Voters of San Francisco or the Voter Services Committee. The statements are a compilation of publicly filed ballot arguments, news articles, interviews with various advocates and online research.

LWVSF was also able to co-sponsor the Candidate Statements and Pro/Con Discussions with SFGovTV. They are available on the League website and YouTube.

For information on California State Propositions 41 and 42, check out the EasyVoter Guide by clicking here. The EasyVoter Guide is produced by the League of Women Voters of California and provides non-partisan information on proposed state laws.

For more information on today’s ballot, visit https://www.lwvsf.org/lwvsf-news/are-you-ready-for-june-3rd-election-day/.

Are you registered to vote? Are you unsure where to vote? For everything you need to know about voting, click here.

May Wine & Cheese

Rachel Evans (left) and Joanna Cuevas Ingram (right) spoke at the May Wine & Cheese Event.

“The strength of our democracy is measured by the ability of citizens to vote.”

The League was very pleased to have Rachel Evans and Joanna Cuevas Ingram present their findings from the report they recently published on Voting Rights for the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights. Their report, entitled “Voting Rights Barriers & Discrimination in Twenty-First Century California: 2000-2013,” outlines their findings from a comprehensive study of voting discrimination in California over the past 13 years.  For more information, review their report here

Tell Your Representative to Move Forward on Voting Rights

Four months after legislation was introduced in the U.S. House and Senate to restore the Voting Rights Act, we are still waiting for Congress to take action. The time for waiting is over. Tell your Representative to call for a hearing on H.R. 3899, the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014 (VRAA). The VRAA is an important step forward for our democracy, where the right to vote is not about politics or the outcome of elections; it is about equality and justice.  

We’re Looking for Board Members!

There are still some Board positions open!

Are you interested in serving and engaging our diverse community? You will have the opportunity to build leadership skills and lead highly visible projects. You will have a chance to engage with community leaders and elected officials. The League will provide you with a platform to make a real difference in the political future of San Francisco.

Do you want to join our team?

For more information, please contact Nati Oron, Program Manager, at lwvsf@lwvsf.org or (415) 989-8683. We hope to hear from you soon!

We’re Looking for Volunteers!

  • Voter Services – we are looking for volunteers for the November election! Here are some ways to help:
    Help organize the televised Candidate Statements by engaging the candidates and coordinating with our TV partners.
    – Speak to community groups about the local ballot measures through the Speakers Bureau.
    – Help develop the Pros and Cons Guide by researching ballot initiatives and summarizing the arguments in favor and against the measures.
    – Coordinate Candidate Forums by engaging candidates, selecting the venue and moderator and developing discussion questions.
    – Update our Smart Voter website by uploading our Pro and Con analyses and promoting candidate participation
  • Membership Comittee – we are looking for volunteers to help organize and attend membership drives at local schools and community events.
  • Communications Committee – Volunteers are needed to “Follow a Topic” in the news and current events and produce articles for the website. 
  • The Meet & Greet, in November, is an opportunity for the public to meet with local candidates running for office. Volunteers are needed for publicity, community outreach and event planning.

For more information on the volunteer opportunities listed above and more, email lwvsf@lwvsf.org or call (415) 989-8683.

Story Bank

Randi Pace, who joined the League in February, shares with us her motivations for doing so:

“I joined the League because I have a passion for social justice and getting people involved in the civic process. I worked with Planned Parenthood as their civic engagement and public policy intern during the 2012 presidential election in North Carolina. I worked mainly in the field, at community events and college campuses. I registered people to vote and enjoyed talking with community members about the upcoming election. I encountered apathy (and downright hostility) along the way but that’s to be expected when working in the public sphere. However, the one thing that really got to me was when I asked young women if they were registered to vote and they would casually answer, “Oh, I don’t vote. What’s the point?” It’s heartbreaking to hear that, especially from young women and considering our history of having to fight for that right. That’s why I continued to engage with the community and (hopefully) convinced a few people of the importance of voting.

So, when I moved to San Francisco, I found the League. I joined the League because I think voting is important and I enjoy getting people involved in the voting process. I stayed because I like how accessible and welcoming the League is. They will make a space for you and allow you room to contribute in whatever way you can.”

Welcome New Members

LWVSF is thrilled to welcome the following new members! We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you all that LWVSF has to offer.

Tara Gamboa-Eastman

Kellyx Nelson

Considering joining the League? Click here to learn more!

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Upcoming Events  

LWVSF Communications Committee Meeting
When: June 3, 6:00 – 7:00pm
Where: The LWVSF office at 582 Market Street, Suite 615
Membership Committee Meeting
When: June 9 , 5:30pm
Where: The LWVSF office at 582 Market Street, Suite 615
Advocacy Committee Meeting
When: June 11, 6:00pm
Where: The LWVSF office at 582 Market Street, Suite 615
Save the Date: Annual LWVSF Meeting
When: June 14, 9-11am
Where: 582 Market Street


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