Frequently Asked Questions


I joined the League (or I’m thinking about it)! How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with LWVSF’s work. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page on our website for a clear list of available opportunities. There are many short term and long term options to fit any schedule!  Many of our volunteers choose to join a committee, to get the most updated information on volunteer opportunities and LWVSF’s current projects. For further information regarding our committees, visit the committee page on our website. Still unsure how to get involved? Email our Program Manager Nati Oron at lwvsf@lwvsf.org for help!

What do committees do?

LWVSF’s committees do the bulk of the League’s work. Each committee has designated responsibilities, and are led through their tasks by the Committee Chair. Some committees meet on a monthly basis- Communications, Advocacy, and Membership- and some meet on an “as need” basis, and do the bulk of their work remotely- Voter Services, Education, Development, and Nominating. For further information regarding our committees, visit the committee page on our website.

How do the actions of the League in San Francisco relate to the actions of the League at the regional, state, and national level?

When you join the League, you join at the local level, but also become a member at the regional, state and national levels. Most members engage in-person most frequently at the local level – LWVSF members (and sometimes the public) are all invited to events put on by our local League. Where the levels of the League interact most is their work. The levels are related in a top-down structure, meaning that if the national League makes a decision, it applies to all Leagues on the state, regional and local level. There are positions that the national League has, for example, that must be adhered to by all of the Leagues in the US. However, if a local League studies and issue and develops a formal position, it isn’t necessarily upheld all the way up to the national level.

Conventions are another way that the Leagues work together. LWV holds statewide conventions in odd years, and national conventions are held in even years. This is a great way for Leagues to interact and share best practices, and come to consensus on the League’s future.

What are the benefits of becoming a League member?

In addition to supporting the League, being an LWVSF member has many privileges. Members can learn about local politics, meet face to face with their local representative, and get invaluable experience in the political arena. In addition, any League member gets to vote on the focus areas of the local, regional, state and national Leagues. Therefore, by being a member of a local League you actually get to influence the work of a powerful, national organization.

How is the LWVSF funded?

LWVSF is funded by a combination of grant sponsors and individual supporters. A very small percentage of our income comes from membership dues.

How does the non-partisan policy impact League members?

When people think of the League, they think of a trustworthy, non-partisan body. The title of “member of the League of Women Voters” indicates someone who embodies these traits, which can be difficult seeing as, of course, we are individuals with widely varying opinions and beliefs!

The most important consideration is to be aware of when you are being perceived as an individual, and when you are perceived as a League member. At League meeting or event, speaking about a League position or representing the League before public, members should remember the League’s non-partisan policy. Any political activities members choose to engage in outside the League – attending a candidate rally, commenting on local policy, etc – should be done so outside their League affiliation.

How can I stay current with the League’s activities and upcoming events?

There are several ways to keep up to date with what’s going on with the League! One of the best is our monthly newsletter, The Voter, which is delivered via email and can be found archived here. You can sign up to receive the LWVSF newsletter here New members should also sign up for the national and state League newsletters. Members can keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, which are regularly updated with League events and other related activities.


Curious of the nuts and bolts of the League of Women Voters of San Francisco?

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