Reflections from our President: LWVSF Members March in San Francisco and Washington DC

Dear members, family, and friends,

Thousands of men, women, and children gathered undeterred by the rain for the Women’s March in San Francisco. I attended expecting to hear and see a barrage of anti-Trump protests, amped by local San Francisco flare, with chants of “not my President” drowning out the event. I was even prepared to help steward the conversation into a non-partisan viewpoint. But rather than a tone of anger and resentment, I witnessed our community join forces in a peaceful protest for women’s rights that was centered around truth, beauty, and love.  Children sang rhymes against hatred, men wore signs in support of “her rights”, and women demanded autonomy to make decisions without government interference.

LWVSF at march

The rally encouraged us all to remain focused and determined in our efforts to continue the fight for the hard-won progress. We marched in solidarity of all women, fighting to achieve equality. And on that day, the world stood with us.


The League promises to be vigilant.  To hold government open and accountable.  To provide voting resources to the disenfranchised. To encourage all women that it is not the time to fear, but to gather and support each other in action and advocacy.  Democracy has never been a spectators sport. The League will continue to champion our causes and demand that our liberties as women — protected by the Constitution — should not be weakened or abridged.

March in DC

So I look to the past for direction in carrying on the legacy of the League, and remind our members that, “We are the organization that can make the difference. Our pragmatic techniques, our proven tenacity in action and goals, our reputation for integrity in clarifying issues are all great assets.” – Ruth Clusen, LWVUS President, 1977.

We are never more needed.

On a personal level, I remind us all that values start in the home and are reflected in our community.  I witnessed the shared values of my community at the march and I am proud to have been a part of it. California is a powerful example of what it means to raise our daughters to know they are strong, capable, confident women with opportunities. They will grow to know what it is like to succeed without repercussion.

womens march squarw

We marched to demonstrate to the President what it means to participate in government. We marched to show the nation, that our open and accepting culture fosters an environment of creative ideas, growth and prosperity for us all.


Tell your friends to join the League because our battle is not over.  Voting rights, open and transparent government, and women’s rights are not partisan issues! Together we can transform the exclusive power of the few, into inclusive protections for us all.


Ashley Raveche

President LWVSF


What we believe as members of the League of Women Voters:


  • Voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed.  The League protects the right of all citizens to vote and encourages all citizens to vote.

We oppose major threats to basic Constitutional rights,

  • Protect the citizens’ right to know, and facilitate citizen participation in government decision-making.
  • We support keeping laws in compliance with the goals of equal rights, and
  • Representative government that is accountable and responsive.
  • No person or group should suffer legal, economic or administrative discrimination
  • President – Support uniform voting qualifications and procedures for Presidential elections and direct-popular-vote of the President, rather than electoral college.
  • Government – efficient and economical government requires competent personnel,
  • Elections – Goal of providing sufficient information about candidates and their positions, public policy issues and selection process.
  • Government – efficient and economical government requires competent personnel,
  • Politics – Support action to ensure that the media, political parties, candidates, and all levels of government achieve our goals
  • Liberty – Individual liberties guaranteed by the Constitution should not be weakened or abridged.
  • Education – access to free public education helps to foster equal opportunity
  • Reproductive – Public policy in a pluralistic society must affirm the right of privacy of the individual to make reproductive choices
  • Women and Violence – support violence prevention programs, oppose all forms of domestic and international human trafficking (sex and labor)


Women’s March // San Francisco // Instagram from The Understory on Vimeo.

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